Innovation description:

Every year, strong sea waves cause great damage all over the world. It is one of the most complex problems for coastal cities, ports and ships. This problem is especially dangerous for catering facilities which are regularly flooded after severe winds and storms and have multiple financial damage.

In order to reduce the damage the “Wave Breaker” was designed, an invention that is easy to install, allows longevity and directly solves all the difficulties caused by the unpredictable sea conditions.

Innovation idea:

The “Wave Breaker” provides three functions: in addition to primarily protecting against waves, it protects coastal cities and towns from flooding, but it also has an ecological role – it collects waste below and above the water and helps cleaning the sea.

The action of “Wave Breaker” improves and facilitates existing protection mechanisms. This invention requires five people in order to set up a structure in several different locations in a day and successfully protect buildings from potentially dangerous waves.

The invention provides more flexible protection because it can be moved, removed and placed as needed.

Wave Breaker composition:

“Wave breaker” is made of 650g/m2 PES/PVC fabric, in length of 5-20 meters,  with diameter from 1-10m, It is interconnected to the desired length which forms a coastal shield. Waves successfully crash into the shield where their destructive power is reduced.

A  high-breaking mesh with openings was fixed along the pipes so the sea water can circulate freely and break the waves, as well as collect waste under the sea. A high-breaking mesh with openings is connected with steel cables. Breaking strength is measured by metal strength. Height of the high-breaking mesh with openings is 1-5 meters, depending on the depth of the sea.

Steel cables are connected to steel profiles to make the “Wave Breaker” mobile and to absorb strong wave shocks. The steel profile is connected to chains that are connected by concrete weights and form the stabile backbone of the structure.

Installation process

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