Reusable flood protection

Flood protection solutions are often ineffective or too expensive. On the other hand, life in often flooded areas  requires adequate defense to reduce material damage.

Meet “Water against Water” system. This system does not require the construction of an embankment with sandbags or large number of people to set up. Short installation times, fewer people and easily portable water-filled plastic tubes are the main features of this patent protected invention.

The “Water against Water” protection system consists of plastic pipes 10-20 meters long that are connected into one protective embankment and when filled with water, those becomes an effective dam against floods. The pipes are modular which means that can be adjusted to the required length and height.


Simple and fast installation

The installation process is very simple. Plastic pipes must be unwound, connected by connecting elements, placed in place and filled with water using a fire generator or hydrant network.

The pipes are made of high-strength polyester fabric and plasticized on both sides with a layer of PVC. As such they are flexible, able to adapt to the terrain configuration for “sealing”.

Each pipe is equipped with a standard fire hoses connection. After use, tubes should be drained, dried and stored in a dry place. Water discharge, as well as filling, happens very quickly. Storage itself is simple because pipes take up very little space – when packing, pipes are stacked in such a way that can be stored on pallets.


  1. Simple and fast installation: with this system you can install the embankment 20 times faster than standard embankments at a lower financial cost.
  2. Safer and better flood protection system: durability of materials and less physical effort.
  3. Minimum number of people is required: recommendation is up to three people per pipe.
  4. Reduced possibility of construction error due to human factor.
  5. There is no need to engage machinery (trucks and machines).
  6. Faster response to sudden situations.
  7. Installing the system on already flooded terrain.
  8. Installing the system as protection and replenishment at damaged embankments.
  9. Suitable for all terrain types.
  10. Reusable.
  11. Simple and easy disassembly.

Installation process


Pipes are made in several standard diameters depending
on desired height and strength of the embankment.

TYPE M 30 M 40 M 60 M 90 M 120
Pipe diameter (cm) 32 40 64 96 120
Expected embankment height (cm) 25 30 55 95 105
Pipe length (m) 10, 15, 20 10, 15, 20 10, 15, 20 10, 15, 20 10, 15, 20
Empty 10 m pipe weight 11 kg 13 kg 19 kg 26 kg 38 kg
Filled 10 m pipe weight 750 kg 930 kg 2850 kg 11000 kg 18650 kg
MATERIAL Polyester dual-side plasticized fabric with PVC coating.
Weight gr/m2 900 gr/m2 900 gr/m2 900 gr/m2 900 gr/m2 1100 gr/m2
Breaking strength N/5 cm DIN 53354 > 4100 > 4100 > 4100 > 4100 > 4100
PURPOSE For protection against water overflow on streets and directing water at lower water levels. For protection against higher water levels and incoming higher water pressures.

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