Innovation description:

Jeltom is one of the highest ranking companies in pipe production. We produce plasticized PES/PVC fabric pipes in diameters of 52 mm, 75mm and 110 mm for general use. However, for our clients using heavy machinery, we also produce pipes that fits tractor pumps in diameters from 200 mm up to 600 mm.

Pipes are used of agricultural areas irrigation and have found its purpose in various plantations (orchids, vineyards and olive areas) during dry periods. Pipes can be used for discharging water in flooded buildings.

Innovation specification:

Every produces pipe is made of PES/PVC fabric with approximate weight of 900 g/m² with breaking strength at approximately 5000 N/ 5 cm. Pipes are very consistent, stable and resistant to atmospheric conditions an UV rays, while it can withstand a temperature range from -30°C up to 75°C.

Irrigation pipes are hydro-tested to withstand a hydro-static pressures up to 10 ata what ensures high durability and sufficient water circulation.

Jeltom produces pipes in standard lengths according to customer needs where we offer lengths of  15m, 30 m and 60 m.



  • Pipe of 1 m length weights only 180 g
  • Faster installation and disassembly
  • Significantly lower price
  • Comes with a transport bag
  • Easy to repair if damaged


  • Pipe of 1 m length weights 300 g
  • Slower installation and disassembly
  • Higher price
  • Difficult to transport – no transport bags
  • Takes longer to repair when damaged

Installation process

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