Innovation description:

Mobile Box Barriers are an invention that answers the problem of faster and easiest installation of flood protection systems in cities.

Mobile Box Barriers are most effective in flood defense as provides a fast and efficient solution. Building barriers to oncoming high waters in urban areas with this reliable and easy-to-build system does not require a lot of people, while after the danger ceases, system is easy to remove and guarantees reusability with its storage capability.

Mobile Box Barrier comes in multiple shapes, depending on the need and size of the area. One system contains five Box Barriers of 75 kilograms. Two people are needed to manipulate one Box. Boxes provide an easy and quick solution for installation and disassembly and are perfect solution that does not require heavy machinery and trucks.

Innovation idea:

Mobile Box Barriers were created in response to the question of how to effectively fight floods without requiring a lot of people and the use of heavy machinery.

Thanks to the material and size of the Mobile Box Barriers it is possible to perform installation and disassembly in a shorter time. Special feature of barriers is their reusability as well as simple storage system.

Their use is also possible during dry season – its volume and material allow the use of barriers as water tanks for irrigating agricultural crops, olive trees and other drought affected areas.

Composition and installation

The Mobile Box Barrier for flood protection is made out of four lattice metal frames made of hot-dip galvanized steel. These frames are joined into a box lined with an impermeable fabric made of high-strength PES / PVC. Sides are connected with metal joints and the entire structure is additionally fastened with earth wedges. Finally, the construction is covered with an additional impermeable fabric on the water contact side.

The box itself is filled with 1,100 liters of water. Under full volume, the whole construction is stable and ensures a firm position at the installation site. On the flood defense line, crates are placed next to each other and are connected with metal joints. In this position, Mobile Box Barriers guarantees water stopping and protection of urban units.

After use, water in the box can be drained through the valve at the bottom of the bag. It is necessary to dry the fabric and then store it on a pallet together with metal frames.

Installation process

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