Innovation description:

Over years, seamen faced a huge problem of mooring boats and ships in less accesible areas (small marinas, bays and remote islands). Jeltom found a concept that presents a very simple and easy solution to solve this major issue.

The basic concept of this innovation is to provide mooring for small ships and boats with a reliable and easy-to-build system where there is no need for lot of people in order to succeed. With number of solutions on the market, Jeltom came out with fast installing system and easy disassebmly, all-in-one.

Another very bright side of this innovation is using this system for water filling and electricity supply through additional solar panels. This ensures enough power for orientational lights.

Innovation idea:

Mobile berth for mooring and anchoring small ships and boats includes a pontoon – a plastic tube filled with foam, a tread – styrofoam boards 10 cm thick, a metal frame as a carrier plate and metal fences, metal fence, D- connection ring, photo panels for powering connections, attachment strap to the anchoring device and anchoring device itself. Anchoring device consists of pulley, tensioning weight, concrete anchor weight and steel rope.

In this way, mobile berth provides a practical, durable and useful device that can be economically produced and which includes significant improvements over previously known devices of this type. It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that a number of modifications and changes could be made to the mobile mooring according to the present invention, without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.

Mobile berth composition:

Pontoon, filled with foam, serves as a connection stabilizer on the water. A tread is attached on it as a base for a metal frame which is layed on top. Metal fence isused as a safety feature and for stabilization purpose, so people won’t fall in water and hurt themselves. D-connection ring is welded on plastic pipes to create a mobile connection to the shore. Solar panels are used to power and illuminate mobile berth for navigational safety.

There are 6 attachment straps that wraps around plastic tubes to fix them with the construction. Anchoring device is made of pulley, steel rope, tensioning weight and a concrete anchor weight.

The pulley is used to move the steel rope which stabilize mobile berth and makes its positioning fixed. Steel rope acts as a connection between a concrete anchor weight and pulley. Tensioning weight is placed around the pulley to make it more stable, while the concrete anchor weight stabilizes whole construction on the sea.

Installation process

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