30 years of family tradition

Family businesses are an important economical factor in every country as they have a very significant role for which we firmly believe should be nurtured and maintained through mutual collaboration.

Our story began back in 1990 and over time it has grown, progressed and changed its business plans towards an advanced functional way. For this reason, since 2015, Jeltom became the holder of the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certificates. As an important international standard for sustainable quality management, there are numerous advantages in our organization.

In addition, we have systematically invested in the development of our company so today we hold a significant place in Croatian, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Montenegrian, Serbian and Slovenian market. Looking outside of our region, so far we have collaborated with companies from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.

The majority of our products are based on high-quality plasticized fabrics made of polyester weave treated with the application of PVC or PU (polyurethane).

Inventions and awards

Since 2010, Jeltom has focused its business on discovering and producing new inventions where we received numerous recognitions and awards:

Gold Medal award for Wave Breaker – Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) 2019

Gold Medal award for Wave Breaker – IENA Nuremberg 2019

Gold Medal award for the Mobile Box Barrier – IENA Nuremberg 2019

Medal awarded by the Chinese Association of Innovators for Mobile Box Barriers and Wave Breaker – IENA Nuremberg 2019

Gold Medal award for Mobile Box Barriers in Flood Defense – Hyderabad India (2019)

Medal from the Indian Innovation Organization for Best Innovation for Mobile Flood Barriers in Flood Defense – Hyderabad India (2019)

Gold Medal award from the Russian Railways for the Wave Breaker – International Exhibition of Innovations Geneva (2019)

Bronze Medal award for Wave Breaker – International Exhibition of Innovations Geneva (2019)

IFIA Certificate for World Innovations Wave Breaker and Mobile Box Barriers – IFIA Zagreb (2019)

Gold medal from IFIA presented by the World President for Innovation and 2nd place of the world’s 19 largest innovators for innovation Wave Breaker and Mobile Box Barriers – IFIA 2019

Gold Medal award for Mobile box barriers in Flood Defense – ARCA Zagreb (2019)

Grand Prix Award for Mobile Box Barrier and Water Against Water Innovations – Agro ARCA Karlovac (2019)

Proizvodni i prodajni program

  • Air intake ventilation pipes for tunnel constructions, ships and similar constructions. Pipes are produced from 10 cm to 300 cm in diameter while the length of the segments varies according to customer requirements
  • Flood Protection Dams according to the “Water against Water” system
  • Rain coats and protective suits including aprons and robes
  • Fire protection backpacks
  • Haberdashery items including bags and sacks
  • Truck tarpaulins of all sizes and types with and without printing
  • Halls and prefabricated warehouses, tents, partition walls in halls and greenhouses
  • Various tanks for the transport of drinking water and gases
  • Blankets for various purposes – covering machines, containers and wagons
  • Digitaly printed large Billboards
  • Advertising banners
  • Awnings and tarpaulins for catering facilities and boats
  • PVC cedars with one or two flaps in diameters from 2 mm to 15 mm
  • Various PVC extruded items

Plasticized fabrics sales (various thicknesess and a wide color range)

  • Single-sided plasticized fabrics in various colors for sports and travel bags
  • Plasticised fabrics for boats, awnings and tarpaulins including various covers for wagons and containers
  • Self-extinguishing plasticized fabrics
  • Large digital panel printing nets


  • Water against Water (flood protection)
  • Mobile Box Barriers (flood protection)
  • Wave Breaker

Other products

  • All kinds of fittings and metal accessories for awning, tarpaulin and blanket production
  • Belts and cables for truck tarpaulins
  • Welding services for plasticized fabrics

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